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DELF (French Studies Diploma) and DALF (Advanced French Studies Diploma), issued by the French Ministry of Education, certify the French language proficiency of foreign students.

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DELF / DALF Tout Public is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is required by French universities for the admission of foreign students.

It evaluates the four communication skills:

  • Listening Comprehension
    Comprehension questionnaires following recordings
  • Reading Comprehension
    Comprehension questionnaires
  • Writing Expression
    Summarise written documents and write an essay
  • Oral expression
    Presentation based on a series of written documents, followed by a discussion with the examiners.


Exam Duration

Exam Written & Oral Expression
Written Comprehension
Oral Expression
DELF A1 1h20 15mn
DELF A2 1h40 20mn
DELF B1 1h50 25mn
DELF B2 2h30 50mn
DALF C1 4h00 1h30
DALF C2 3h30 1h30



DELF A1 £80
DELF A2 £85
DELFB1 £105
DELF B2 £120
DALF C1 £160
DALF C2 £185


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Next Exams

Level Written certificate Oral certificate
A1 1 June 2023 1st June 2023
A2 2 June 2023 2 June 2023
B1 6 June 2023 5 June 2023
B2 7 June 2023 8 June 2023
C1 14 June 2023 13 June 2023
C2 15 June 2023 16 June 2023
Level Written certificate Oral certificate
B1 11 July 2023 11 July 2023
B2 13 July 2023 12 July 2023
Level Written certificate Oral certificate
Delf A1 Monday 2nd October Monday 2nd October
Delf A2 Tuesday 3rd October Tuesday 3rd October
Delf B1 Friday 6th October Thursday 5th October
Delf B2 Monday 9th October Tuesday 10th October
Dalf C1 Thursday 12th October Friday 13th October
Dalf C2 Tuesday 17th October Monday 16th October
Level Written certificate Oral certificate
Delf A1 Friday 1st December Friday 1st December
Delf A2 Monday 4th December Monday 4th December
Delf B1 Tuesday 5th December Wednesday 6th December
Delf B2 Thursday 7th December Friday 8th December
Dalf C1 Tuesday 12th December Monday 11th December
Dalf C2 Thursday 14th December Wednesday 13th December


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