Whether you are an individual, a company or a foundation, you can support the French Institute by committing to our arts & culture programme running throughout the year, contribute to a specific initiative or support a major project such as Confluence.

Support Confluence


Please note that you can decide whether your fully tax-deductible gift goes to a specific area, or if you would rather make a donation and let us decide the best way to use it in favour of the Institute’s activities.


The Friends of the French Institute Trust

The Friends of the French Institute Trust supports the Institute in promoting French language, education and culture and in encouraging Franco-British cooperation. 

Since its creation in 1998, the Friends of the Friends Institute Trust has been successfully fundraising to support the French Institute in its mission to promote French culture and language in the UK.

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Support the Institut français

There is a wide range of possibilities to donate, depending on your situation and preferences, from one-off gifts to sustainable commitment, whether you’re willing to  join our Patrons’ Circle or Corporate Circle.



Support our Main Campaign Confluence


To keep welcoming people in the best way possible, attract more students, improve its accessibility, and match the top quality of its teaching, the Institut français, with the support of its Trust, has launched a fundraising campaign to finance the modernisation of the Language Centre onsite and online.



Support our Cultural and Educational Programmes

Your support is essential as the Institut français is a non-profit organisation. Discover our programmes, projects and opportunities.

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