Smoking Causes Coughing

From Fri 07 to Sat 22 Jul
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The Tobacco Force, a group of five superheroes are given a break from fighting evil when they are sent to a lake on a team building retreat. All the while, the evil conqueror Lezardin, Emperor of Evil, is making plans to destroy planet Earth. Smoking Causes Coughing is a hilarious science-fiction/horror mash up from renowned master of the absurd, Quentin Dupieux (Deerskin, Incredible but True).



Film of the Week

“Refreshingly immature…a fantastically silly comedy…Dupieux’s best film yet”

The Guardian



“So giddily bizarre it deserves a health warning”

The Telegraph



“This Marvel parody is blissfully silly”

The Times


The screening on 21 July (11:15am) is a special screening for parents and carers of under 18 months babies who wish to keep up on the fresh releases of the most anticipated films but cannot attend regular cinema screenings with their little ones.