Every year since 2014, Cross-Channel Theatre collects dramatic artworks which enliven French contemporary theatre. They are put forward by specialised institutions to be submitted to a Reading Committee made of French and British professionals. The laureates, 3 or 4 texts each year, are then translated into English.  

The translation is entirely funded by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, in partnership with Artcena/CONTXTO where the text is also selected by their network. 

Members and partners of Cross-Channel Theatre have at heart to promote French artworks through translation, to stress the diversity of the French-speaking world’s artistic productions as well as to create the best conditions to initiate a production process on British stages. 


Members of the Cross-Channel Teatre Reading Committee:

  • Marianne Badrichani
  • Chris Campbell
  • Felicity Davidson
  • Kate Fahy
  • Simon Scardifield
  • Mona Guichard
  • Christophe Fiat
  • Ronan Cheneau