Reading Group on The Guermantes Way by Marcel Proust

Thu 6 July
Books & Ideas

The Guermantes Way is the third volume of Proust’s masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time.

Back in Paris, the narrator moves with his family to a flat which is part of the elegant Hôtel de Guermantes. The narrator penetrates Parisian high society and falls in love with the fascinating Duchesse de Guermantes. He encounters a world of nobles, officers, socialites, like Robert de Saint Loup, the Baron de Charlus, and the Prince de Borodino. But he also faces the loss of his beloved grandmother.

Marcel Proust continues the narrator’s journey in life as he becomes a young man and explores the customs of fashionable Parisian society in Belle Époque France. All Proust’s great themes are here: time and memory, love and loss, art and the artistic vocation.

You can find information on the book in English on the British publisher’s website.