Crash Course French GCSE & A-Level

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Maximise your exam results with extra French practice at a fast pace.

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  • Objectives
    Improve your French grades by working on topics, grammar points, literature & films (A-level only) exam skills with individual assistance if needed.
  • Learning approach
    Students will be taught exclusively in French in class to practice and master grammar through practice writing, speaking, reading. They will give oral presentations, engage in debates based on French exams topics.
  • Resources
    Past papers from all boards (AQA, EDEXCEL, CIE, WJEC) plus French press e.g. Le Figaro and Le Monde, French radio and TV e.g. RFI, TV5, French grammar and exercise books, resources from the Institut français Cultural centre.
  • Tutor
    Our teachers are specialised in all exam boards (AQA, EDEXCEL, CIE, WJEC) for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and Pre U exams.

GCSE Year 1: Year 10 / GCSE Year 2: Year 11

A LEVEL Year 1: Year 12 / A LEVEL Year 2: Year 13

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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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