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Open new career paths, meet your company and employees’ needs and achieve great results with our Bespoke Business French Courses. These tailor-made courses are the quickest way to become operational in French.

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  • Affordable prices and no hidden costs
  • Free audit of your needs and free level assessment
  • One-to-one or group setting
  • At your office, online or at our language centre
  • Flexibility (24 hours’ cancellation policy)
  • Tailor made courses are the quickest way to become operational in French, whether for business, wellbeing, or pleasure.


Our Learning Process


Our Expertise

Doing business in French effectively

  • Exceed your French-speaking clients’ expectations!
  • Approach your clients confidently in French
  • Understand their requirements and respond to them
  • Rehearse your work tasks in French
  • Understand the cultural norms for successful business communication


Participate confidently in a French Meeting

  • Impress your clients/collaborators with your French language skills
  • Quickly build rapport with them
  • Actively engage in exchanging pleasantries
  • Rehearse and improve your French speeches and presentations with a qualified and experienced coach.
  • Become aware of cultural norms for more effective negotiations


Finance & banking in French

  • Get your job done in French to the same high standard as in English
  • Learn the specific words and idioms of the industry
  • Perform your daily tasks in French
  • Use the correct cultural and management codes with your clients and collaborators
  • Deal confidently with French partners and clients


Wellbeing French

  • Take your mind off things and learn some useful language skills
  • Practise conversational topics
  • Refresh and improve your creativity
  • Have a proper break to boost your productivity
  • Lower your stress and anxiety levels


Get Fluent in legal French

  • Master the jargon and content of the French legal system
  • Learn the specific words and idioms of the industry
  • Keep up to date with France’s legal news (or any other French-speaking country)
  • Rehearse your work tasks in French
  • Present confidently in French


Successful business in French-speaking Africa

  • Learn & understand the specifics of your chosen French-speaking African country
  • Understand local words and idioms
  • Learn relevant contents to the country you are working with
  • Follow their cultural norms to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Become confident in their management codes
  • Informal conversations in the workplace

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